I help you to go from burnout to a breakthrough. I will walk you through what you need, to reclaim your energy, time, happiness and health, so you can give care with ease AND have time for things you love to do.

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Hello I'm Dr Naomi
As a general practitioner, bestselling author of the renowned book "Reinvigorated Caregivers," international speaker, and esteemed authority on caring for individuals with dementia, I bring expertise and passion to help you navigate this challenging journey.

My mission is to empower both people with dementia and their dedicated caregivers, be it family members or close friends, to achieve healthier and happier lives. Through my straightforward and easily understandable approach, I provide invaluable information on dementia, equipping caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in their caregiving roles.

In 2005, I conducted research on Alzheimer's Disease at the prestigious Shiga University of Medical Science in Japan. This experience deepened my understanding of dementia and solidified my commitment to pursuing greater happiness and well-being for caregivers and those with dementia.

With my guidance and support, you can navigate the complexities of dementia caregiving with confidence and compassion. Together, we will strive for enhanced quality of life, finding joy amidst the challenges and fostering a positive environment for all involved.

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