What can you buy from me with Black Friday?

Pssst... at the very bottom, there is a gift waiting for you :)

Why, nothing?

Let me explain...

As an MD and Caregiver Coach, sometimes I just want to send hugs and cuddles. Just relax my own mind. And actually, I'm decluttering my house right now.

So I'm going to turn the question around:

What could you release in gratitude on Black Friday?

Which item in your home do you no longer use and can you sell, so that Black Friday brings you money instead of costing you money?

Or donate the item and make someone else happy.
Your win: a good feeling and extra space in your closet!

What could you do with the money you're not spending right now?
What would it yield if you invested it?
What if you do an activity with it and make fun memories that way?

But, but, but since you're here...

Secretly I have a small but wonderful present for you.
Just leave your name and email and it will be in your email within a few minutes.

Just something small, because I appreciate you.

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