As a caregiver, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day challenges of caring for a loved one with dementia. You might find yourself feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed out. 

👉 But what if you could change that?

🤔 What if you could find a way to enjoy life again, even while providing the best possible care for your loved one?

This is what's in the Caregivers Toolkit:

Biweekly  one-on-one empowerment calls with Dr. Naomi

Biweekly one-on-one empowerment calls with Dr. Naomi

🌟 Get personalized support and practical strategies to reduce stress, increase energy, and promote self-care. 🤝  Biweekly private calls with Dr. Naomi will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to feel confident and resilient. 💪 Say goodbye to burnout and hello to renewed energy and well-being! 📞 Schedule your private calls today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier caregiving experience. 💜

Unlimited email coaching with Dr. Naomi for dementia caregivers

Unlimited email/Voxer coaching

🤝 Our Unlimited Email/Voxer Coaching provides a convenient and flexible way to get personalized support for your caregiving needs. 💡 Get quick answers to your questions and guidance on managing challenges. 🙌 Say goodbye to the frustration of scheduling appointments and hello to personalized support at your fingertips. Join our coaching program today and take the first step towards a stress-free caregiving experience. 💜 

Private group membership with fellow dementia caregivers

Private group membership with fellow caregivers

🤗  Caring for a loved one with dementia can be an isolating and challenging experience. But we've got you covered! 👥 Our private group membership with fellow caregivers is a game-changer. It's a safe and supportive space where you can connect with others who are facing similar challenges. 💬 By sharing experiences and learning from each other, you'll gain valuable insights and feel empowered to advocate for the needs of caregivers. 🤝 Plus, the connections you make in our group can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. Start feeling supported, understood, and empowered in your caregiving journey.
Private group membership with fellow dementia caregivers

Checklists, planners & printables

Say goodbye to the overwhelm and hello to the ultimate organization with our checklists and planners included in the Caregiver's Toolkit. 📋📅 With our customizable care plan templates, trackers, and reminders, you'll never miss a beat again! 🙌 Plus, our easy-to-use interface makes organizing and managing your caregiving duties a breeze. 🤩

Private group membership with fellow dementia caregivers

Weekly mealplans

🍽️🧠 Meal planning is essential for dementia caregivers because it saves time and reduces stress. Our meal plans in the Caregivers Toolkit program are designed to be easy and convenient, with simple recipes and shopping lists. 📝 By planning ahead, you can ensure that you are getting the proper nutrition you need without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. 🌟 Plus, meal planning allows you to prioritize your own self-care by freeing up time and energy for other important tasks. 🤗 With our meal plans, you can feel confident in providing healthy, delicious meals for yourself (and your loved one), while also taking care of yourself.

Check out the amazing bonuses:

Health & wellness community

You will be able to have answers to your questions and connect with a community of like-minded people. This will help you progress through each module with clarity and confidence. 

Online portal

Have access to all your program materials, including the LIVES and Q&A's, from your desktop or smartphone 24-7. 

Follow these 5 simple and easy to follow modules.

The effects of stress on your body & mind

Online course: How stress impacts your body & mind
Video training: How to overcome stress

Daily changes & habits to relieve stress

Online course: Daily habits that can help you stress less
Video training: How to stress less by making daily changes

Stress relief through mindful changes

Online course: How to get stress relief through mindfulness
Video training: Common practices of stress relief

Journalling and self-care

Online course: Different ways to journal and practise self-care
Video training: How to journal for self-care

More natural remedies for stress relief

Online course: Natural remedies for stress relief
Video training: Natural remedies and ways of reducing stress

Ready to Get Started?

Join Our Caregivers Toolkit Program Today!

If you're ready to say goodbye to burnout and hello to breakthrough, our Caregivers Toolkit program is the perfect place to start. With a comprehensive set of tools and strategies designed specifically for caregivers, you'll be able to move through the burnout, build, and breakthrough phases with confidence and ease. Join today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling caregiving experience.

3 guided meditations

A guided meditation about gratitude, self-love and deep relaxation.

Valued at €29

The busy people's guide to healthy eating on the go

How to fuel your body for better health and more energy even when you have a crazy busy schedule. Learn about pre-planning to ensure success.

Valued at €19

Nutrition guide for more energy

Lose fat and build muscle and strength in a sustainable and healthy way. Discover how you should eat and which foods you should prioritize. Try out simple and easy recipe ideas at home. 

Valued at €59

This program is for you if...

✅ You feel stressed, tired, and overwhelmed and want to get back to feeling like yourself.

✅ You know that the high levels of stress, pressure and YUKINESS you are experiencing are affecting your health and well-being.

✅ You know it's time to make some changes and practice more self-care, but don't know where to start.

✅ You want some simple and effective strategies that will work with your busy lifestyle. 

✅ You would like to adopt some strategies that focus on natural solutions to relieve stress.

✅ You are ready to gain mastery over stress and would like some guidance, support, and accountability. 

By the end of this program...

will you not only develop the skills to reduce stress in your life, but you will walk away knowing how to cultivate stress mastery with the healthy habits essential to fuel your mind, body, and spirit for today and always.


The Stress Less Program

One-time purchase. Lifetime 24/7 access.

✅ 5 Content Rich Modules Accessed Through An Exclusive Online Portal (valued at €497)
✅ Coaching And Weekly Email Check-Ins (valued at €997)
✅ Weekly Progress Tracker And Accountability (valued at €97)
✅ BONUS 1: Meditation (valued at €29)
✅ BONUS 2: The busy people's guide to healthy eating on the go (valued at €19)
✅ BONUS 3: Nutrition guide for more energy (valued at €59)

€297  €97

Stress Less Program by Dr Naomi


Hi! I am Dr Naomi.


I am your host for this program. I am a general practitioner in The Netherlands, best selling author of the book Reinvigorated Caregivers, an international speaker and a health & lifestyle coach.

I understand how hard it can be to lead a healthy lifestyle with the busy, on-the-go, stressful pace most of us live at. And now, with the pandemic, we find ourselves in an even more stressful situation which is difficult and uncomfortable for most.

I develop programs to help caregivers focus on their health, fitness, and well-being choices, the things we have control over. I intend to provide information, tips, tools, resources, community, and support, along with the inspiration and motivation to put daily wellness actions into practice. I provide functional food, fitness, lifestyle-based programming, and lots of LIVE activities to choose from. I provide opportunities for people to improve their immune resilience, digestion, fitness, stress mastery, body, and mindset, for today and in the long run. 

I am excited to offer this NEW Stress Less Program and my full support as you reduce and gain mastery over stress. I also hope you have some fun striving for your version of peak wellness!

FAQ about the Stress Less Program

How long is this course?
The Caregivers Toolkit is a one year program. -module course spread over 5 weeks to help you learn, experience, and implement the teachings in a communal style that allows deeper exploration. Every week, a new module will be kicked off with a presentation and action steps related to the content presented. However, you can go through the program at a faster or slower pace. It is totally up to you.

How do I access the membership content to view the recordings and other materials?
When you join the Stress Less Program, you'll be sent access to the online private portal where you'll have access to all the membership content, the LIVE streamed classes, guidebooks, meditations, and all the other resources included in your membership.

When will the LIVE classes be?
There is a schedule posted in the PORTAL and a weekly email informing you of all the live-streaming Q&As.

Do I have to follow the group?
It is recommended to follow along with the group so that your experience can be enriched by others and you can benefit the most from my teachings.

That being said, you do have access to all of your materials within your members' area to go at your own pace!

What if I need support?
There will be LIVE Q&A Sessions, and you will also have access to the private members' group. You'll be able to connect with others who have similar health, fitness, and wellness goals!

What if I need more personalized coaching?
As a medical doctor and health & lifestyle coach, I offer additional 1-on-1 health and wellness coaching for individuals who want more personalized coaching. Simply reach out to me directly for more information. To learn more about the services I offer, go to

Habits, Mindset, Soul & Body

A 5-module online course to help you dramatically reduce stress by making simple changes in your daily habits and mindset, implementing tools for change, and accessing natural remedies to support the entire stress reduction process.